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Your Job and Its Effect on Your Auto Insurance Premiums

There are so many factors that go into deciding what sort of a risk you pose to an insurance company and how much you will pay on account of it.  Some of these are your age, gender, your driving record, and the mileage you put in on your vehicle. What you do for a living matters for so many reasons.  Not the least of these reasons is that it affects your auto insurance premiums as well.

job and auto insurance premium

Yes, your profession does play a key role in deciding your auto insurance premium.

Auto Insurance Premiums And Jobs: The Facts And The Tips

If you use your car for your profession – If you deliver flowers, belong to a courier service, or are a pizza delivery person, you use your car a while lot and will fall into a higher mileage group.  You are under stress to deliver on time and could thus be viewed as a higher risk driver.  You may end up paying a higher premium.

You have a high-stress job – If you are a high profile Director or CEO of a leading company who is prone to using his cell while driving, you will pay more for your insurance premium.   (Of course, if you are driven around by your own chauffeur, this will not apply!)

You serve – If you are in the military you are rewarded for your chivalry by lower auto insurance rates.  You are also considered lower risk because of your military training.

You used to serve – If you are not in active service, that is, if you are a war veteran, you are rewarded by auto insurance companies for your past record of service and because you are expected to be a more disciplined driver.

You don’t use your car for your profession – If you walk everywhere for your profession, for instance, if you campaign from door-to-door, and don’t use your car a whole lot, you could qualify for low mileage discount.  Please ask.

Who pays the lowest rates – Librarians, scientists, teachers, the retired, the handicapped, and the unemployed pay much lower premiums on an average than other groups.

How to find out the effect – All you have to do is feed in your information in the space provided online.  You start with entering your zip code and some other basic details about yourself and your driving history, and you are furnished with a whole list of insurance providers for you to choose from.  Yes, it really is that easy and simple.  Your profession will be factored into your premium.  Don’t hesitate to pause before you make your final decision.  In fact, it is your duty to pause and ascertain whether this is the best deal for you and you are getting the best coverage, while utilizing all the benefits and discounts fully.

If your job affects your driving record – If your job is causing too many blemishes on your driving record by way of accidents, then it is best you look into driver improvement courses for your own good.  This will also help you down the line when you are negotiating for a lower rate on premiums but you must bring it to the notice of the auto insurance provider.

Thus you can see that your profession can be a big boon in reducing your auto insurance bill. It doesn’t mean you must change professions to reduce your bill!  Even if you have a job that earns you no discounts, you can always ask for other offers that might be available to you.  In this day and age of everything being online, and thus, great competition going on between auto insurance companies, customer is king.  Ask and you might just receive!

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