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The Right Time To Get Car Insurance For A Teenager

Your young one is going to be driving for the first time and whereas you are proud, you also feel some trepidation.  Remember that, despite your teenager’s apparent excitement, he or she is also feeling scared to be a new driver on the road.  You should infuse yourself and your child with confidence at this point.  One of the best ways is to educate yourselves about auto insurance and get the best coverage possible which will ensure your teenager drives safely.  Having auto insurance also acts as a reminder to drive responsibly, so it has that indirect effect.

car insurance for a teenager

You have a new driver at home and are wondering when you must get insurance for him or her.

Car Insurance For A Teenager – Who, What, When, Where, How And Why?

When to get it-As soon as your teenager gets his or her license is the moment you have to get insurance for him or her.  Far too many people make the mistake of putting off this all-important task: don’t let that be you.

Why to get it-You are legally required to get auto insurance, but more than that, the tendency of new drivers to get into accidents during their first two years on the road is very high.  Whereas you should never think or talk in terms of accidents, it is good to make sure you child is covered.

Shop around-Don’t leap at the first offer you receive.  Auto insurance rates are based on the liability your child represents to them in terms of possible payouts down the line.  But you can check various options until you find what is best suited to you.

Tips for reduction of costs-There are legitimate ways and means to reduce the cost of insuring your teenager.  Put them in an older car with many safety features (despite their repeated pleas for a Jaguar!), include them in your own policy instead of starting up a new one, and make sure they get a top-notch driving education in a state certified driving school.  All these things will impress the insurance company and secure for you a lower premium.  You can also enroll them in driver improvement.  Many states require this but you can enroll them anyway and this reduces the burden on the insurance company.  It will, in turn, reduce your rates and your own stress. If your teen is a full-time student, state that a 3.0 GPA is mandatory as that will bring your premium down.  If he can’t keep to this, tell him he has to pay the difference in premium.  That should bring his grades right back up!

Why rates are high-This is because of the propensity of teenagers to get into car accidents during their initial months on the road.  This has made them a high risk group and caused premiums to go up for everyone across the board.  The good news here is that rates do go down with time, provided junior keeps a good driving record.

With teenagers, it is important to model good driving behavior.  That is up to you.  You are their main example.  Also, you must set guidelines and let them know exactly what is and is not permissible.  Making them pay for part of their premium will make them more conscious.  Tell them the need for having a stellar driving record.

In brief, the right time to get auto insurance for your child is right away!  Yes, imprint it in your brain “I must get my child insured and soon as he gets his license and before he puts his key in the ignition for the first time!”  You can call that the cardinal rule of getting insurance for your teenager.

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