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Virginia Car Insurance

The state where it all began when Jamestown became a colony in the 1500s but failed initially. Virginia was not forgotten despite the fact that New England was the successful area where the beginning of America was born, or reborn depending on how you see history. The colonies spread back to Virginia and then further south as the soon-to-be nation progressed. Richmond, Virginia was the original national capital for sometime, until a fire and was relocated to Washington D.C. were the original founding fathers had found to be one of the safest and easiest spots to protect.


Virginia Auto Insurance – A Guide From forautoinsurancequotes.com (Image source FLICKR)

Virginia connects many different parts of the heartland and southern states to the northeast and the nation’s capital. Therefore the state maintains strict code and jurisdiction to its roadways. The “Birthplace of Presidents” has the 3rd largest state regulated roadway system in the country, even with it being an average size state in comparison to others in the nation.

Virginia Auto Insurance Averages

*Alexandria : $1,289
*Arlington : $1,258
*North Springfield : $1,359
*Heathsville : $1,147
*Capeville : $1,056
*Virginia Beach : $1,099
*Hampton : $1,158
*Portsmouth : $1,130
*Franklin : $1,114
*Emporia : $1,082
*Danville : $1,118
*Bristol : $1,062
*Western : $1,230
*Roanoke : $1,022
*Harrisonburg: $988
*Winchester : $995
*Mount Vernon : $1,377
*Richmond : $1,299

Virginia Minimum Insurance Requirements

Minimum insurance requirements are broken down into the following categories and standards.

*Bodily Injury Liability : 25,000/50,000
*Property Damage Liability : 20,000
*Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury : 25,000/50,000
*Medical Expense Benefits : Not Required
*Collision : Not Required
*Comprehensive : Not Required

Many choose to look beyond the minimum for a more realistic premium for themselves. This is averaged into the following figures.

*Bodily Injury Liability : 100,000/300,000
*Property Damage Liability : 20,000
*Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury : 100,000/300,000
*Medical Expense Benefits : 5,000
*Collision : 250 Deductible
*Comprehensive : 0 Deductible

For new drivers, teen drivers, and even parents of those teen drivers should look at the rules for Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) so that advancement in the operator’s processing in the future segments will be even easier. This can be good for those seeking careers in CDL driving and associated works, as well as, just being able to be free on the road as much as possible and take in all America has to offer while being able to commute to work in a simple fashion.

*Minimum Entry Age : 15 years, 6 months; 16 is optimal
*Extended Learner Period : 6 months provides optimal provision
*Parent Certification : 30 hours minimal which also allows optimal provision
*Night Restriction : 9 or 10 p.m. maintaining provision
*Passenger Restriction : Only one family member at any given time allows for optimal provision.
*Minimum Exit Age & Where Restrictions Are Lifted : 18

Virginia Penalties for Lack of Insurance or Financial Responsibility

Virginia gives operators of motor vehicles plenty of direction for financial responsibility and a more than reasonable minimum rate, so in turn the state has penalties for failing to comply with the state standard. These penalties are straightforward and simple to understand, and are simple to avoid by staying up to code. Here are the potential penalties you could face . . .

*Suspension of driver’s license, registration certificate, and license plates.
*$500 statutory fee and all other fees associated with reinstatement.
*Filing for an SR-22, which is a certificate of financial responsibility, with the DMV and maintaining it for 3 years.

The state of Virginia keeps electronic records and is constantly in touch with new or lapsed insurance policies and the law enforcement keep constant lookout to maintain the standard driving code and policies.

4-Insure and Saving on Automotive Insurance

4-Insure connects you with some of the quickest and best insurance agencies in the business. This provides you with instant access to quotes and premiums which you can compare and mold into the best insurance rate for you, your vehicle, and your lifestyle. The minimum insurance rates are not always the best for all drivers. Additional coverage may be a good idea if you are already saving and want that extra confidence on the roadways. Security systems, driver’s training courses, and safe vehicles help add to savings.

To see for yourself if you qualify for better, lower, or a better form of automotive insurance, use our quote tool by inputting your zip code into the space provided on the header of the 4-Insure page. This will start the process and only require some simple information about yourself, your vehicle(s), and your driving history to provide you with a range of insurance agencies and rates for you to evaluate and choose the best for you. Virginia is a well protected state, so you should be protected as well and at the the best rate possible.

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