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The Effects of a DUI/DWI on Your Auto Insurance Premium

There are no two ways about it, DUIS/DWIS are horrible and have long lasting effects on your driving record, and thus, your insurance premiums. Driving while drunk or even having imbibed is a serious offense. One is not only putting oneself at risk, but everyone else who is unfortunate enough to be on the road at the same time. It is a reckless action to drink and drive. But the consequences are even worse. You will have your license suspended, your peace of mind is ruined, it will take you long to get over, and your insurance rates will go way up.

DUIs/DWIs and auto insurance

Read more about DUIs/DWIs and their effect on your auto insurance rates.

DUIs and DWIs: How Are They Handled?

DUIs/DWIs are handled by insurance companies in two ways: either your policy is completely cancelled or your rates will sky-rocket. If your policy is cancelled, you will have the hassle of finding another insurance company. And that will be a hassle because others will be reluctant to insure you given your tainted driving record.

Since you become a greater risk to the insurance company, you have to pay for it and you do so in the form of higher rates. Alcohol related accidents are more harmful than any other: the driver who has imbibed endangers himself and everyone else. It is only fitting that the one who is responsible for these accidents has to pay.

DUIs/DWIs and Auto Insurance: Can You Get Away With It?

If you are one of the lucky few who are able to keep your DUI from showing up on your driving record, you can count yourself fortunate. You can do this by plea bargains with a judge and fulfilling conditions stated by him. The deed is done: now your aim should be to get these charges off your record as fast as possible, any which way you can, legally of course. You have to make amends. This will increase your chances of not being terminated by your insurance company. Never withhold information from you auto insurance company. The brutal truth might be hard to digest and speak, but stick to only that.

The best way to keep your rates low is simple, just don’t drink and drive. A deed once done cannot be undone so prevention is always better than cure.

DUIs/DWIs And Your Auto Insurance: What If My Contract Is Terminated?

Here is the sad news: if your insurance company does terminate its contract with you prematurely, it is very highly possible that other insurance companies of the same standing will not want to touch you with a 10 foot pole either. Say DUI/DWI, and insurance companies’ first reaction is to retreat or run in the opposite direction. While that might seem a bit unfair because everyone can change, it is what it is.

So you will most likely have to opt for a company in a lower echelon. And it is not as if these smaller companies are going to overlook your offense. Be prepared to pay as much as, if not more, of a premium because you are considered a risk to even smaller companies.

Driving has enough of in-built risks without our adding to them by drinking while under the influence. As you become fully conscious of this yourself, spread the awareness as well and instruct others you know to not make exceptions when something so precious as life hangs in the balance. If you can make sure you do this, you will have a clear record from here on in and it will be easy for you to convince insurance companies at least ten years later, that a true change has happened. You can even enroll in safe driving classes and addiction classes and provide proof of these.

Is it worth it to drink and drive? Not at all. The higher insurance rates are actually the least of it. The potential or actual damage to life and health, and the loss of inner peace are the worst. If you have a DUI/DWI, it is time to look ahead and pledge to never let it happen again.


Because of the seriousness of drinking and driving, we’d like to share with you some resources to better educated you on the subject.

  • Drinking and Driving – A non profit organization that specializes in education and prevention.
  • MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
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