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Getting Ticketed In Another State And The Effect On Your Insurance

Driving is dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about other people on the road, but you are sometimes one of those reckless drivers. You swerve when you are talking on the cellphone, you text while driving, or you simply just speed. Regardless of the situation that led you to get a ticket, you still got one.

speeding ticket

Getting a speeding ticket or other traffic violation in another state still could cost you! (Image source – FLICKR)

What happens when you get a ticket?

First, your insurance company will have it’s own set of rules and regulations that will indeed affect your coverage. Some will raise the rates for three years and others might just give you an extra charge for one year. Again, it all depends on what your insurance company does.

The Do’s

Make sure you have a great relationship with your insurance company. They won’t raise your rates if you have been an excellent driver for most of your coverage time. Why? They have a little compassion, so it’s okay that you made one misquote and they won’t hold you to a lifetime of surcharges for it. But, again that all depends on the coverage you have, your relationship with the insurance company and your driving record.

Speeding tickets are the most common form of ticketing that does affect your insurance coverage. So yes, driving and getting ticketed will cause your rates to change. If you were going more than 15 miles over the speed limit you may see an increase in your premium versus another driver who was ticketed for 2 miles or 5 miles over the speed limit. Keep that in mind when you are driving.

What about being ticketed in another state?

In another state speeding is just as serious as it is in your home state. For some reason some drivers seem to think that it won’t affect their insurance coverage if they are ticketed in another state. We are not sure where this thinking comes from, because it’s totally wrong.

All states talk, they have a computer and they do use databases. It’s not the 1850s people! So when you get a ticket, one state will add the points to your driving record and tell your insurance company.

Plus, if you do not pay your ticket in a timely manner then they can and do suspend your license. If you admit that you are guilty then you won’t be able to contest it in a later date as well. Make sure that when you have a ticket you agree with the guilt of the charges. If you can prove otherwise, do so. Do not pay for it unless it’s true. Also call the insurance company to see how much this ticket is going to affect you.

Your ticket can be erased from your record, but those instances are not common.

Some states will do it, according to statistics Rhode Island will allow one minor infraction to be dismissed if you have never had a ticket in the past three years. In some places if you get into a traffic school or take a defensive driving course you can have your ticket erased from your record. All of these options might end up saving you money in the long term.

When You Speed You Pay

So, if you speed or are what we know as a “lead” foot, remember you will be liable for not only the ticket that you get, but the extra charge will hurt your wallet.

In 2005, a new federal set of rules were issued. In that it made your records available to all other states. Your ticket will be found out, be sure of that. If you fail to pay it, remember that it can even be worse.

Some people remember the days when they could leave those tickets in another state behind. But not anymore, not with the age of fast information and information sharing. Insurance companies will know that you broke the law, and you will be paying for it.

The Silver Lining?

Well, try not to speed and if you do speed look into that states forgiveness policies. If you attend a class of theirs or are willing to here options they might be forgiving too and not tell anyone about your infraction. But, remember if you are guilty be ready to take the consequences.

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