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Speed Kills – Auto Insurance Can’t Save Your Life

We have always been taught that haste makes waste.  Yes, this is true even of driving.  Nothing good can ever come of speeding, even if one is late for an appointment. (Of course, certain situations, like emergencies, call for driving like the wind.  But even then, one can and must exercise caution.)

No, we are not asking you to drive extra slow and irritate the other drivers around.  Driving too slow would also increase your risk of collision.   What we are saying is find the middle ground in terms of speed and stick to it.

Auto Insurance And Speeding

Speeding kills, period – There is nothing good about speeding.  It kills, in one way or another.  It kills your fuel faster, it kills your peace of mind by increasing your stress levels, and it actually takes lives due to speeding – related accidents.  Yes, it might sometimes get you to your destination on time, but is it worth the high price you pay, each time, every time?

Auto insurance isn’t a solid shield – As soon as you get an auto insurance policy, it is not like a brick wall is now surrounding you that allows you to do anything you desire.

It should actually make you more conscious – As you get your policy, go through the clauses and increase your awareness of various scenarios.  Then, drive proactively.  Your aim should be to never have to file a claim. Sounds counterintuitive, but that is how it should be.

The ugly truth – The statistics for accidents are not very pretty.  On an average, 15.5 people per 100,000 lost their lives due to motor vehicle accidents between 1999 and 2005. Death is never fun, but a death that could have been prevented leaves a mark for life.

Men, slow down – The death rate for men was 22 per 100,000 (versus 9.4 per 100,000 for women).  Men have created a bad name for themselves with their reckless driving habits and tendency to speed.   Defensive driving education, then, should be more geared to creating safer male drivers as they are jeopardizing things for everyone on the roads.  That is not to say females should be let off the hook!

Take a look at this picture –


Then pass it on – Yes, pass it on to your loved ones and show them what could happen if they do not drive consciously.  Don’t, however, dwell on it.  Let it have its impact, make it deep, and then, visualize for yourself and others safe roads where everyone is courteous and calm.

Auto insurance cannot breathe life into the dead – People see auto insurance as a panacea for everything.  It certainly does help to some extent, should an unforeseen situation occur. But, it cannot bring people back from the dead.  Prevention is always better than cure.

You should see driving for what it is, and that is a huge privilege that comes with an equally big responsibility, just like every other right.  If people want world peace so much, the roads are a good place to start.

Don’t use the fact that you have auto insurance as an excuse to put the pedal to the floor.  Always drive within the speed limits, leave early, breathe deeply, and say a prayer.  You are responsible for yourself, your passengers, and your fellow – drivers.  Driving slow is also easier on your gas tank: goodness all around.  Let us join hands and change those statistics now!

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