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Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Pennsylvania is the state of the Constitution and Articles of Confederation. It is also the sixth most populated state in the United States. In many ways, the shape of Pennsylvania does justice in keeping it associated with neighboring states, while maintaining its own form of independence. History runs deep in the state of Pennsylvania, from the Indians and the Dutch to the contemporary American and the Quaker. Ben Franklin and is influence is often associated with the state of Pennsylvania and his international influence at his time brought the state great prosperity and a central focus on progression and intellectual advancement, as well as, societal harmony.

downtown Philadelphia, PA

Picture of downtown Philadelphia, PA. (Image source FLICKR)

The Appalachian Mountains run through the middle of the state. This forms a dynamic of necessity to find ways across the state. The major cities and urban areas are located in the south east of the state, such as Philadelphia, Allentown and Harrisburg (the capital), where the other side on the west has a great deal of country and smaller cities, such as Pittsburg and Erie. Pennsylvania has one of the largest roadway systems in the country, fifth largest state highway to be exact. Automotive insurance is absolutely necessary in the state of Pennsylvania, whether you live in the urban cities or the country outskirts. Rates are fairly average across the state, but some areas may have greater ranges so keep that in mind while shopping for automotive insurance.

Average Automotive Insurance In Pennsylvania

As mentioned, the state has country roads and urban turnpikes. The variety of scenarios is so vast that the state as a whole shows harmony in its state average. Those living on polar extremes of the automotive insurance issue may see some greater rates or lower rates; but this often is related to one’s driving history and where that person is living, while the higher is often a combination of the two. Important to keep in mind while looking at these average annual rates for cities and towns in Pennsylvania.

*Philadelphia : $2,818

*South Philadelphia : $2,481

*North Philadelphia : $2,161

*New Freedom : $974

*Gettysburg : $925

*Bentleville : $1,086

*Pittsburgh : $1,148

*New Castle : 1,091

*Erie : $1,109

*Mansfield : $1,050

*Dunmore : $1,168

*Harrisburgh : $1,062

*Allentown : $1,150

Minimum Requirements Of Automotive Insurance In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is no exception to having minimum automotive insurance when owning and operating a vehicle. There is a big difference between the state requirements and the most common approach to automotive insurance, so let’s have a look at the breakdown and see which is best for you.

Minimum State Requirements

Bodily Injury Liability : 15,000/30,000

Property Damage Liability : 5,000

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury : Not Required

Medical Expenses Coverage : 5,000

Collision : Not Required

Comprehensive : Not Required

Medical Payments : Not Required

Most Common Approach to Automotive Insurance Coverage :

Bodily Injury Liability : 100,000/300,000

Property Damage Liability : 50,000

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury : 100,000/300,000

Medical Expenses Coverage : 5,000

Collision : 500 Deductible

Comprehensive : 100 Deductible

Medical Payments : Not Required

Young Drivers In PA

There are also limited for new drivers and teen drivers. The Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) has strict rules in order to receive full ability to hold a driver’s license. Here are the rules and age limits.

*Minimum Entry Age : 16 with optimal provision

*Extended Learner Period : at least 6 months provides optimal provision

*Parent Certification : 30 hours minimal provides optimal provision

*Night Restriction : 9 or 10 p.m. having provision but not optimal

*Passenger Restriction : only one family member provides optimal provision

*Minimum Exit Age : 17; 18 is optimal

Penalties For Lack Of Insurance In Pennsylvania

Penalties for lacking financial responsibility while driving have simple but serious consequences in Pennsylvania. If you are pulled over with no proof of insurance or other form of financial responsibility, you will be able to turn in your plates immediately and avoid penalties aside from not being able to operate your vehicle. This is also true if you allow your insurance to lapse past 30 days.

The result of not doing the above will result in the following of one or more:

*A $300 or more fine

*Three month registration and license suspension

*$50 reinstatement fee

*$50 driver’s license reinstatement fee

Follow the PennDOT’s directions and they will be helpful in the process; however, the best way to operate an automobile in Pennsylvania is to stay covered and up to code.

4-Insure And How To Save On Automotive Insurance

4-Insure makes finding the best rates for automotive insurance as easy as can be. Now that you have read the facts on automotive insurance in Pennsylvania, try using our quote tool to see if you can save on automotive insurance or get a great rate if you are new to the area. First, provide simple information about yourself, your vehicle, and your driving history by filling out the cells provided. We will then be able to process this information into a range of quotes and coverages provided by partnership agencies which are held in high regard. This can help you save or make the next step in live an easy transition. Coverage while driving should benefit everyone on the road, especially yourself.

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