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Non Owners Auto Insurance

If you drive, but do not actually own a vehicle, you might want to consider buying a “non-owners” policy.  These policies make sense for individuals who frequently rent or borrow cars.  Constantly purchasing insurance policies from rental car companies, or buying one-day policies when you borrow a friend’s vehicle can add up after a while and make a dent in your piggy bank.  By purchasing a non-owner’s car insurance policy, you can save money on insurance and also be positive that you are insured whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle that isn’t yours.

Insurance companies highly recommend that you carry some type of nonowner’s coverage if you do not own a vehicle. But do these insurance companies actually have your best interests at heart? Or do they just want you to spend more money and buy more insurance?  Continue reading below to learn more about non-owners coverage and why you may or may not need it.non owners car insurance

Why do you need non-owners auto insurance?

Lots of Americans live in large urban areas such as New York City, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Boston, or Los Angeles.  Many of these individuals have given up their vehicle and walk or take public transportation whenever they need to get somewhere.  Although they have sold their cars, that still doesn’t need they won’t need to drive from time to time. If this describes yourself, or you are in another situation where you do not own a vehicle and still need insurance, you have come to the right place.

Maybe you occasionally borrow your friend’s vehicle or rent cars from time to time.  No matter what, if you live in the United States, you need to be covered whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Continue reading below to learn more about getting non-owners car insurance.

Who is eligible for this type of insurance?

First of all, if you actually own a vehicle, you will not be eligible for non-owners coverage.  These policies are for individuals who do not have a vehicle registered in their name, or a vehicle that they drive on a regular basis.  This also applies to individuals that live under the same roof as their family and there are vehicles parked in their driveway that belong to somebody in the house.  Basically, if you have a car or somebody in your home has a car, you will need to purchase a standard automobile insurance policy.

People who drive a car for business are also not eligible for this policy.  The vehicle they drive will need to be insured under a commercial vehicle insurance policy and/or have insurance through the business.

Drivers without licenses are also ineligible for non-owners policies (for obvious reasons).  Individuals who are deemed to be “uninsurable” for various reasons (too many points on their license, DUI/DWI’s, too many accidents, etc.) will also be ineligible for non-owners polices. If none of these disqualifying factors apply to yourself, you might be eligible for purchasing a non-owners policy.  To see if you qualify, the fastest way is to give your insurance provider a call and check with them.

Where to buy non-owners insurance?

Pretty much every major car insurance provider in the United States offers these non-owners insurance policies.  Finding non-owners auto insurance is a lot like finding a regular, standard auto insurance policy.  Most likely, a non-owners policy will be much cheaper than your typical insurance from a rental car agency.

How much you pay, however, is largely dependent on a lot of the same factors that can have an effect on your normal insurance rates, including: driving record, vehicle history, credit score, age, where you live, etc. How much you will actually pay for this type of insurance will vary greatly from company to company.  To get started in your hunt for non-owners coverage, contact your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.  To find an auto insurance provider with cheap rates in your area, enter your zip code in the box above and fill out your basic information to be presented with rate quotes.

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