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No Credit Check Auto Insurance

So you’re looking for a new auto insurance company to insure your vehicle. Naturally, you’ll want to find the cheapest auto insurance policies out there for your ride – but… let’s just say that your credit history is less than stellar. What do you do then?

And here comes the inevitable news from your prospective insurance companies: because of your credit history, the insurance company simply refuses to insure you (or gives you an incredibly high insurance rate)! Now you’re left with an uninsured vehicle, dampened spirits and a mild trepidation about whether you’ll be able to get auto insurance for your car.

But fret not – there are auto insurance companies that do not check your credit history! Yes, it’s possible: you can get no credit check auto insurance quotes!

no credit check auto insurance quotes

If your credit history isn’t exemplary, don’t worry! forautoinsurancequotes.com will tell you how to get no credit check auto insurance quotes. Continue reading below for more information.

Auto Insurance Quotes – Why The Fuss About Credit Scores?

Auto insurance companies use your credit scores as an indicator of how financially stable and credible you are. Insurance companies try to sieve out potential defaulters by looking at their credit scores. If you have a history of not paying your dues on time, it’s natural for insurers to assume that you are equally unlikely to pay your insurance premiums on time.

While the occasional missed payment doesn’t automatically make you less-than-morally-upright, it does group you together with other frauds and defaulters. These people are usually charged higher premiums, or refused insurance coverage altogether! Typically, most companies will insure anyone with credit scores above 600 – 700 (the range is because different companies use different scoring systems.

How To Obtain Your Credit Score

Before we even talk about getting no credit check auto insurance quotes, you need to find out if you’re rejected or paying premiums because of your credit scores! In the United States it’s easy to get a copy of your credit report: just ask the three major credit-rating companies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) to help you print your credit report. Also, you can make use of free credit report generators online to help you consolidate your credit scores.

How Do I Get These No Credit Check Auto Insurance Quotes?

Most companies want to know who they’re dealing with before they even start insuring them. Also, as mentioned, if the insurance companies think you’re a riskier individual to insure, they’ll charge you higher premiums or even decline to insure you at all! The bottom line’s the king in any business, so don’t be discouraged when the first few insurance companies you contact tell you that they do not want to insure you.

There are insurance companies that think that credit scores shouldn’t even be taken into account in these risk-identification statistical tests! Certain big companies herein the US, such as Allstate and Progressive, do not run credit checks. There’s a caveat, though: insurance companies change the weight of their algorithms frequently, and you never know when they’ll take credit scores into account.

As a rule of thumb, if an insurer asks you to supply your social security number (SSN), that insurer takes credit history into account when generating a quote for you. Here at forautoinsurancequotes.com, we help you generate an auto insurance quote without using any personal information or running a credit check. Just key in your zip code at the top of the page, and you’ll get a list of auto insurance quotes from the top insurance providers.

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