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Maryland Car Insurance

Maryland is one of the smallest states, as well as, one of the most populous and is the wealthiest in the nation. The state has a rich history from colonial times, through the Civil War, and into today where it supports the nation’s capital. Baltimore is the largest city and Annapolis is the state capital. Ocean City, south of Delaware and oceanside of Maryland’s east coast, is a popular summer destination with its long beaches and boardwalks.maryland car insurance

Maryland has some of the most congested and complex roadway systems in the country, especially entering and exiting the nation’s capital Washington D.C. There the highway can spread 12 lanes wide. There is the Chesapeake Bridge which connects the east side of Maryland to the mainland and highway 70 which leads to the westernmost part of the state and more mountainous areas north of West Virginia.

With some of the greatest institutions in the nation, Maryland is a state that lives up to one of its nicknames of “Little America” and “America in Miniature”.

Maryland Auto Insurance Average Rates

Many areas in Maryland outside the major cities and surrounding areas near Washington D.C. are labeled with district numbers, with most being toward the west between Pennsylvania and West Virginia. While most high rates are noticed near the Washington D.C. area and neighboring major Maryland cities, automotive insurance in Maryland is very affordable. This still means there are savings to be had in you shop around and try our quote tool. First, let’s look at some current average annual auto insurance rates in some cities and districts in Maryland.

*District 6 Maryland : $1,252
*District 7 Westminster : $1,089
*District 1 Orleans : $1,027
*District 17 Vale Su : $1,008
*District 2 Friendsville : $1,024
*District 9 Barton : $1,024
*Gaithersburg : $1,569
*District 13 Silver : $1,266
*Annapolis: $1,142
*Ocean City : $998
*District 1 Pocomoke : $998
*Baltimore : $2,032
**Washington D.C. : $1,574

Maryland Minimum Insurance Requirements

Maryland, like most states in America, have their own standards for minimum insurance requirements and regulations. If you are living in Maryland already, you are probably already aware; however, if you are new to the area or a new driver, you should look over the details so you are up to speed on the requirements.

Minimum Required Insurance in Maryland :

*Bodily Injury Liability : 30,000/60,000
*Property Damage Liability : 15,000
*Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury : 20,000/40,000
*Medical Payments : Not Required
*Collision : Not Required
*Comprehensive : Not Required
*Personal Injury Protections : Not Required

Most Common Approach to Automotive Insurance in Maryland :

*Bodily Injury Liability : 100,000/300,000
*Property Damage Liability : 50,000
*Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury : 100,000/300,000
*Medical Payments : 5,000
*Collision : 250 Deductible
*Comprehensive : 0 Deductible
*Personal Injury Protections : Meets State Minimum Requirements

GDL, or Graduated Driver Licensing, individuals must be aware of their own responsibilities when entering the world of automotive activity. Both new drivers and teen drivers alike must be counseled on the rules of becoming a full time driver of a passenger vehicle.

*Minimum Entry Age : 15 years, 9 months (16 optimal)
*Extended Learner Period : 6 months optimal provision
*Parent Certification : 30 hour minimal to obtain optimal provision
*Night Restrictions : 9 or 10 p.m. has provision but not optimal
*Passenger Restriction : Only one family member excepted for optimal provision
*Minimum Exit Age & Restrictions Lifted : 18 years

Maryland Penalties for Lack of Financial Responsibility

Maryland has many levels of punishment for those who avoid maintaining financial responsibility and/or proof of insurance. Not only will points go against your driving record, you can face a series of processes to re-obtain your necessary standing to operate. The one thing for sure is the there will be fees and sometimes worse. You could have to . . .
*Pay fees of $150 for the first 30 days and $7 per day
*Get your registration and license plates revoked; it costs $25 to get your registration back
*Be jailed for a year or pay $1,000 in fines if you have false proof of insurance
*Be unable to register another vehicle until you pay off all the fines

Much more harsh than other states for sure. If you plan on living or staying for a long period of time, it is best to be fully covered and insured so that you do not need to deal with such harsh repercussions. Just obtaining the vehicle and processing it accordingly could end up being more than the worth of the car in some instances. Play it safe and stay protected at a great rate instead of jumping through hoops.

4-Insure and Saving on Automotive Insurance

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