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Insuring a New Driver

We know how you feel, suddenly, your little child is behind a steering wheel, and there is some fear going on.  But we urge you to read on, get educated, and create within yourself the antidote to fear, which is confidence.  It is this confidence that will inspire junior to be a better driver and encourage the insurance company to give you great rates.  Even seasoned drivers do not drive safely.  New drivers do not possess the real-world experience for sure, but they can be trained to become responsible drivers and much of that lies in your hands.  You have to get auto insurance as soon as your child is able to legally drive.

insuring a new driver

When it comes to insuring a new driver, insurance companies have a different approach and set of rules.

Insuring A New Driver – Tips

Include your child in your current policy-Getting a brand new policy will cost you more than if you include your child in the policy you have now.  This is one of the fastest ways to bring down costs.  Auto insurance companies will offer discounts for insuring more than one car and driver under the same policy.

Make B-Average mandatory-If your child gets good grades, that is, B-average and above, insurance companies will lower your rates.  This is probably because good grades make a child seem more reliable just as a good credit rating makes an adult seem more trustworthy.  Hold them responsible if their grades drop: make them pay the difference until they get their scores back up to par.

Pick a safe car-Fast and expensive cars might be what your child has his or her eyes set on, but they are immediate red flags to an insurance company…and should be to you as well.  It is best all around if you put your child behind the wheel of a car that is loaded with safety features.  This will bring you more peace of mind and a reduced insurance bill.

Shop around-Read, compare, ask, these are good things to do.  Educate yourself as much as possible and then, don’t fall for the first deal you are offered as being the best around.  It is up to you to find what is perfectly suited to you and your budget.  The only way to do this is to comparison shop.

Enroll your child in the best driving school-Invest in your child by giving him the best driving education possible.  This impresses the insurance companies right away.

Emphasize the need for a clean driving record-Yes, premiums maybe high when you first insure your child, but they will drop fast once your child comes of age and shows a stellar driving record.  Emphasize that you have zero tolerance for recklessness and follow through with consequences.  At the same time, keep the lines of communication open so junior can confide in you and ask for help.  Mistakes do happen, but you have to set the bar really high.  Make sure you do so with your own driving as well: don’t bend any rules.

There is a greater risk of collision with new drivers.  This is why insurance companies set a high premium for related policies.  It is good to know there is so much you can do to keep your bill down.

In this very special situation of insuring a new driver, it is important that you feel really good because your child as well as the insurance company will mimic you.  Fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but on the flip-side and the brighter side, so is confidence. It is your faith in your child that will inspire him or her to be the best driver possible.  Keep the encouragement flowing!

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