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Hurricane Season: Auto Insurance and Safety Tips

The word “hurricane” is pretty terrifying for many; yet, it is becoming more and more of a reality in our present day.  It is best to be safe than sorry.  Those who live in hurricane-prone areas should face facts and live proactively.

Hurricane season auto insurance

Ways to prepare yourself and your car for hurricane season.

Forewarned is forearmed, especially in this case.  If you know that a hurricane could visit your neck of the woods, you should take every precautionary measure and definitely do research to find new ways in which you can keep yourself and your family safe.  This will save you large sums of money and give you the peace of mind to go about your daily business.

Hurricane Season Auto Insurance Tips

Keep your car as safe as possible – You know how to keep your car safe in other situations.  But you are dealing with something extraordinary here and it calls for special measures. If you hear of a hurricane proceeding towards the coast, ensure that you fill your tank up to the brim and keep your car in perfect condition.  Everyone will be clamouring for gas so make sure you don’t become the victim of a shortfall: fill up early and keep to a low mileage thereafter, ensuring you optimize what you have. Change your tires, get an oil change, and all of those other fun things that enable your car to run at its best.  Yes, you have taken all measures to secure your home, but you should also secure your garage and its windows, removing heavy objects that could fall on your car.

Auto insurance tips for hurricane season – You would need a comprehensive coverage policy to be protected during a hurricane.  You must get comprehensive coverage well in advance as federal law decrees that it takes 30 days to be effective. Many insurance providers will refuse to make out policies during hurricane season as this is like inviting loss to them.  To find out if you qualify for hurricane protection coverage, just enter your zip code in the space provided, and you can find quotes within minutes as well as many options to choose from.

Your hurricane escape route – Be your own weather person and do your own monitoring of the storm. By the time evacuation orders are issued by authorities it could be too late: you will have to brave the backed up traffic and might not make it out in time.  As soon as you receive the first inkling that a hurricane is imminent, you should start your procedure.  Get away from the coast with yourself, your car, your precious possessions, and your loved ones well in advance.  It doesn’t matter if it was a false alarm; then you can just think of it as a road trip!  But if it was for real and the hurricane does hit, you will thank your lucky stars that you followed instinct-and our tips! – and made haste while the sun shone!

You might not have to file a claim at all if you take all these precautionary measures. Filing a claim is never fun so it is worth the extra effort to prevent that.

When there are so many factors beyond our control, it is nice and heartening to know that there are many things within our power and steps we can take to mitigate the effects of unforeseen circumstances.  Of course, prevention always being better, let us pray for clement weather!  Safe driving!

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