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High Risk Auto Insurance Explained

Auto insurance is a subject that has many key areas: high risk is one of them which ranks way up “high”! Why is that?  It is because many people don’t have as impeccable a driving record as they would like.  If you belong to this group, you are immediately filled with fear that no auto insurance company will take you on.  In a way, your fears are not unfounded: insurance companies do have some hesitation about accepting high risk drivers.  But don’t let that deter you.  Just keep seeking and you will find!  Be aware however, that you will have to pay to secure trust in this situation.

high risk auto insurance explained

This article explains the ins-and-outs of high risk driver insurance.

High Risk Auto Insurance Explained: Why Are You High Risk?

Young drivers with tainted records- Are you a fresh driver with a long list of misdemeanors to your name like tickets and violations? Then you are considered high risk.  How can you remedy this situation? By taking some improvement classes and being a more conscious driver in the future.

DUI/DWI– This is one of the worst as it puts everyone at risk.  If you have one of these on your record for, say, even the past 10 years, then you are high risk.  Again, taking improvement classes and addiction classes will help you get a policy.  Everyone makes mistakes, yes, but some are more critical than others. You should make a pact with yourself to become a safe driver in the extreme: don’t even inhale alcohol before you drive!

Sports Cars:  This is an odd one.  This is because, even if you have a stellar driving record, you might be categorized as high risk just by virtue of your owning a sports car!  So you have to figure out whether the luxury of your possession is worth that extra cost.  If you can convince the insurance company that it is only a secondary low mileage car you might be let off the hook.  That means you use a “safe” car for your mundane activities and the sports car only occasionally. Be brutally honest in this. You can also try loading your sports car with safety features.

Expensive Cars:  If you are the owner of an expensive car you might also be considered high risk.  Adding on safety features to your car might help here as well.

A lot of drivers don’t even know they fall under the high risk umbrella.  They figure it out when they are rejected by one insurance company after another!  Don’t let that be you.  Be honest with yourself about your driving history and be honest with the auto insurance company.  It is best to determine whether you are a high risk driver before you even get your quote.  This way, you do not set yourself up for any surprises or shocks, and you can be more confident in your negotiations, probably with an edge that enables you to convince them that you have turned into a responsible driver (which we are sure is the truth!)

Communication and truthfulness are key here.  It is up to you to convince the insurance company that you are a suitable candidate despite the fact of your past blemishes.

So yes, your driving record may not be where you would like it to be, but take heart.  With the right insurance, you can drive safer and with more peace of mind.  And you can always change your record from here on in: look ahead and be your best on the road.  Driving is a privilege, after all.

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