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Does My Auto Insurance Cover Me When…

The question often arises as regards when exactly one is covered by one’s policy in various situations. It is highly advisable to read through one’s insurance policy carefully in order to prevent rude shocks and to be fully aware of unusual occurrences and their implications.

does my insurance cover me when

There are certain situations that insurance covers and certain that it does not. We hope this FAQ helps to clear up some of the questions you have about when you are covered and when you are not.

Insurance Coverage Questions

We all know that not all auto insurance companies are the same. There are certain situations that one can generalize with and these are as follows:

  1. When you are outside your usual area of residence.

It depends largely on your auto insurance provider.  Some companies specifically give coverage for additional states. You must find this out at the start.  Other auto insurance companies will provide international coverage.  This would be advisable if you travel a lot and drive in foreign countries.  The other option is to get a local policy in the place you are visiting.  You will have to decide based on overall costs.

  1. If a friend is driving your car.

It often happens that we, out of the kindness of our hearts, lend our vehicle to a friend or family member.  Or someone takes over the driving during a long road trip.  What if an accident takes place when that person is driving the car?  This situation is a bit complex.  If your friend is driving and is at fault, your friend’s auto insurance company should cover the cost.  If your friend is driving and another person is at fault, that other person’s policy will have to cover the expense, that is, trusting they have a policy!  If a friend has borrowed your car it is very likely they don’t have insurance.  Then they will have to pay out of pocket.  Your policy will not cover your friend and you are not responsible either.  The same would apply if you are the one borrowing the car.  Though you are not the owner, you are still responsible for damages.

  1. In unforeseen circumstances.

This could be anything from damage caused to your car by flooding, a tree falling randomly on your car, or damage suffered in a tornado: your best bet is to have comprehensive auto insurance coverage.  If you have gone for the rock bottom price of a basic coverage policy, then it will only provide collision coverage which is coverage in the case of collision, as its name suggests.    In this situation, your car is damaged, but it is not on account of colliding with another car.  Then, if you hope to get coverage, it can only happen if you have added on comprehensive coverage.  Thus, if you live in an area which is prone to harsh weather conditions like frequent tornadoes or earthquakes, it is advisable to opt for comprehensive auto insurance coverage.  The extra cost is worth the peace of mind and the assurance that you are covered under all circumstances.

The Best Way To Know When You Are Covered:

Now that you have scanned your policy closely and familiarized yourself with it, these are additional steps you can take:

  • Ask your insurance company directly to shed light on shady areas.  They will surely clarify any points that require elucidation.
  • Go to the company’s website which should provide comprehensive information about many matters.
  • Check and double check to avoid errors.

So we see that a good knowledge of auto insurance as well as a close perusal of one’s insurance policy is called for if one is to obtain the utmost benefit from being covered.  This way, one knows what to do and expect in every situation.  This saves time and money, and gives one more peace of mind.

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