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Auto Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Driving is a privilege and it comes with its own responsibilities, just as any other privilege.  There is nothing that brings this point home so much as auto insurance.  Auto insurance reminds us to drive responsibly, and that we have a duty towards ourselves and others to be conscientious drivers.

Auto Insurance FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers on auto insurance below.

Auto Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Does comprehensive coverage cover me in all situations? Comprehensive coverage, contrary to the popularly held misconception, will not cover you in all situations.  It pertains to damage caused by vandalism, theft, flood, and such like. For other situations you will have to get a special policy.  Comprehensive coverage does not include collision coverage.

Why do I have to get auto insurance? Plain and simple, it is legally required in most places, thank goodness!  This acts as an equalizer, making it much safer to drive and making drivers more responsible.  Please check your local laws to find out how much coverage you need to get.

What is collision coverage? This is basic coverage and will cost the least.  It covers you in case of collision or accident.

Why does my credit score affect my chances of being taken on by a company? The better your credit score, the more reliable you are considered by auto insurance companies.

Can more than one person be signed up under my policy? Not only can you do this, it is also highly recommended as it will save you a lot of money.  It is better than starting up a different policy for each person which works out more expensive.

Can I get auto insurance quotes for free? Yes you can, especially if you go inline, it can be done in the matter of minutes. Just keep all your relevant information handy and you will be able to get many quotes and make a comparison to find out which one suits you best.

How often does my premium have to be paid? You are given many options for paying your premium and you can choose what is most suitable for you.  Most people opt for monthly payments thinking it will be better on their bank account but this is not so. The more you pay upfront, the more you save in the long term, so choose annual or semi-annual payments.

Can I still get auto insurance if my driving record is very bad? Have faith; there will always be an auto insurance company that will be willing to back you provided you prove that you have changed your ways.  Be prepared to pay more, though.  This is the price you pay to the insurance company in exchange for the favour of their taking on a high risk driver.

My child just got his learning permit: does he have to be insured? Although those with learning permits are not required by law to have insurance, it would be a good idea to get some anyways.  Both you and your child will feel better about it.  It is better to prevent than to cure.  Some auto insurance providers will cover them under your current plan.  Don’t forget to get them insured the day they get their license though and let them know about it.  If they see how much you care for them and how responsible you are with adhering to rules, it will immediately inspire them to be better drivers.

Auto Insurance FAQ Additional Resources

It is good that you now have the answers to these key questions about auto insurance that might have been foremost in your mind.  Knowledge is always power, and, armed with the right knowledge you can go out there and get yourself a better deal and be a more conscientious driver as well.  To learn more about the vast subject of auto insurance, check out these resources listed below:

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