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6 Signs You Need a New Auto Insurance Company

Yes, it has been quite the job, getting auto insurance with a company that you could rely on.  Now, the prospect of switching companies fills you with everything the opposite of pure joy.  Yet, what if we told you that you are paying too much and could save hundreds in the long term?  What if we told you that you could get way better service? Yes, surely, we have your attention now!

new auto insurance company

If it is time to switch auto insurance companies, there are some very clear – cut signs that you can go by.

Signs You Need a New Auto Insurance Company

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 1: Claims-Filing Is A Nightmare – If it is a nightmare to file a claim and service is very bad, chances are you are paying too much for your auto insurance and need a new company. The very least you can expect when you pay hard-earned money is a good response.  Why have you got auto insurance in the first place?  To help when there are claims to be filed. That should be the basic minimum you can expect and if you don’t get that, you should go elsewhere.

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 2: Non – Existent Customer Support – If you have a technical problem that needs handling or an administrative one and you cannot get hold of a human being, you should take your business to a more worthy company without a second thought.  Customer service is of paramount importance as auto insurance companies have people’s lives in their hands.

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 3: Increasing Premiums – This could also be termed as a situation of too much fine print, and fine print being added on when the company likes.  If you keep finding your bills getting higher due to this and that hidden charge, this company is not worth your business and you should go shop around again.

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 4: Policy Renewal Not Done In Six Months – If you haven’t reviewed your policy in six months, you should absolutely do that and get into the habit of reviewing it regularly. This is because new deals and offers come out all the time and the company is not going to call you up and let you know: you are the one who has to take the initiative and ask. If you call your own company and their prices are still the same, then ask another company.

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 5: You Got A New Car – If you got yourself a new car, congratulations!  Your present company should give you a discount for adding your car to your existing policy.  If they refuse, it is your duty to ask around and find a company that will give you a discount for insuring multiple cars.

New Auto Insurance Company Sign 6: They Are Not Online – I mean, which company isn’t online today? Especially with auto insurance companies, online business has been flourishing.   If a company is online it makes your life easier.  Besides indicating that they care about their customers, if a company is online it means they are on par with technological advancement.  So, a company without a website should make you run in the opposite direction right away.

If you are not happy with your coverage, then you should really start to explore again.  If you feel you are paying too much and your company refuses to give you a reduction, then find a company that will.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your present company, then set loyalty aside and please feel free to find a better fit.

Being with the wrong auto insurance company is as bad as not having auto insurance at all. This is because you should feel good with whatever you do, and money should never be wasted if one isn’t deriving some worth from it.  You don’t need frills and flounces, but you do need good coverage.  Make sure you don’t fall into the trap and take the necessary steps as enumerated above.  May you find the auto insurance company that matches you and your needs best!

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